How to create whatsapp sticker

Hello friends, all of you must be using WhatsApp on your mobile.WhatsApp user day is increasing day by day. You must be chatting on this and will fiercely send photo video message stickers etc. to your friends.Sometimes your friends will send you some creative stickers, seeing that you must have thought that a new sticker should be made and I am going to talk about this topic in this article today.Today, I will teach you how to make WhatsApp stickers using many simple methods, so that you can learn to make any type of WhatsApp stickers as per your choice and.

How to create WhatsApp sticker from Mobile

There are many ways to make WhatsApp sticker from mobile but today I will tell you about the easiest method to make WhatsApp sticker, which will save you a lot of time. Following are way to create WhatsApp sticker from Android and iPhone.

How to make WhatsApp sticker s from Android Mobile

In this han-on guide,we are going to use sticker maker application  by viko and co . For creating WhatsApp sticker using sticker maker app do check out the step detailed below.

Step 1: First of all download and install sticker maker app from playstore which have more than  50 millions  downloads completed.

Step 2: Open the stickermaker  app .Then you will be  saw  create a new sticjerpack option on your smartphone.

Step 3: Tap on the option 'create a new sticjerpack' after than enter the name of the pack and the name of the author according to your choice after that tap on create button .

Step 4: when you successfully create a stickerpack then you will saw your stickerpack now tap on that stickerpack option.

Step 5: When you open Ed that stickerpack then you will be seen a tray icon . Tap on the same and Grant the required permission that stickermaker phone need .

Step 6: After that you have three options to take photo, open gallery and select file for choosing photo from your device , tap op an option according to your choice for selecting photo .

Step 7: Now, draw the around the image to use as a sticker ,there are many options to create a creative sticker according to your choice. You can tap on smart select option.

Step 8: Save the created sticker and add more to the stickerpack.Notably, you must need to create a minimum of of 3 stickers and a maximum of thirty stickers in a stickerpack.

Step 9: Then tap on add to WhatsApp button it will be added to your WhatsApp sticker section.

Now, Your WhatsApp sticker was successfully created you can use it .




In this hands on guide we using third party app for creating WhatsApp sticker.I it simple and you can work easily with reliably.It is also have solid pack of readymade stickers .So, following are the step to creating a WhatsApp sticker by using so in iPhone.

Step 1: Download and install application in your smartphone.

Step 2:  After you successfully installed ,open it.

Step 3 : Tap on the blue colour  “+” button icon at the bottom center of your smartphone.Then fill the pack name and creatir name in required section , than tap on create button at the top of the right.

Step 4: on the next screen , please tap on the add sticker. Button for choosing the that image which you want to select .

Step 5: Choose the required image from the library.

Step 6: After that,tap on the Auto option at the left bottom side .next up ,use the adjust and text tools to make creative sticker When you are satisfy with the result, tap on save at the top right.

Note : you can also choose manual option and then design your image according to your need.It’s your choice .

Notable,it requires at least three stickers to create a pack of stickers  So you will need to minimum 2 more sticker . To do  repeat above step and add at Least 2 stickers.

Step 7:. After that ,tap on add to WhatsApp button .Then wait for some seconds and tap on save button at bottom of your smartphone.

That's good, you have created a sticker pack for WhatsApp. You can use it in your WhatsApp application.






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