How to create folder in Gmail

Hello friends and welcome to our new article.If you have not created a folder or label in Gmail then you will also be troubled by a lot of unorganized messages which you will have to face a lot of trouble.

You should know that we can make a label in Gmail and use it as a folder, in that we can keep the email as per our wish, which we can solve a lot of problems.

Yes,you can do it easily.Today, we will teach you how to create and use folders in Gmail.After that you can organise emails into categories of your choosing, so keep reading this article carefully.


What are the benefits of creating a folder in Gmail?

If we create Gmail folder then error the following benefit of of creating folder in Gmai:-

·        we get some basic benefit like we can arrange email in categories.

·        Our important emails will be not deleted by mistake.

·        This will be save our time we can read our information in  less time.

·        To delete unusefull mails in less time

·        it will be easy we will not need to find much of our office or work meals can be made in a folder.

·        Arrange your information in a folder can and when to send which male or went to receive which mail also the use of folder is too much so creating a folder or label in Gmail remains very important.

How to create folder in Gmail using a smartphone/mobile

If you want to create folder from your iPhone, Android or iPad .Here are the simple and easy step to create a folder in Gmail.

Step-1 : Open Gmail in your chrome browser .

Step 2: make sure that you are signed into your account if you are not signed in then signed in to your account by the usiñg of email ID and password.

Step-3: After you successfully logged in your will see thee bars in the upper left side corner of your screen than tap on that three line icon.

Step-4: scroll down then you will find label subsection.after that click on label section.

Step-5:  than you will see a plus icon with text create new.than  click on create new option.after tap there a new pop-up will be open.

Step 6:  Enter the name of the label according to your choice.after entered the name of label then tap the blue 'Done' option button which is located in upper  right corner of the smartphone screen.

Now, your label Will be successfully created .

Method -ll

Step-1: First of all open a email that you want to move on new create mail.

Step 2: after the successfully opened email. Tap on three dots which is located in upper right side corner of the mobile or tablet.

Step-3: than some options will be pop up.rap on move to option.

Step-4: after that ,Tap on “+” sign located in upper right corner for create a new label.

Step-5: Enter the name of label as per your choice after that click on blue color “Done” button to complete this process.

Here your labels are created you can create more than one label by any method as per your choice .

How to create folder in Gmail in computer

If you want to create a label in your PC or Mac . Don’t worry! Following are  the simple and easy step to create a label or folder or categories in Gmail. So ready all Steps with carefully:-

Step-1 :  open Gmail in your browser as per your choice in you computer.

Step-2: after the successfully opened Gmail in your computer than make sure you are logged in if you are not logged in than log in with you email I’d and password.

Step 3: after successfully log in click the gear icon which is located in the upper side corner of your PC screen.

Step 4: after that some option will be pop up. Than click on setting option.

Step 5: After that new page will be open .then you will find label tab  click on that.

Step 6: scroll down until you find you find the label subsection option. then you will be find small white “create new label” button.

Step 7:  click on that small white color “create new label “ In your computer.

Step 8: than a pop up will be open .after that fill label name in pop -up section, and if you want  to nest this new label under an already existing label (this is same as creating a subfolder or a folder inside a existing folder). Select that according to your choice.

Step 9: After that click on the blue color create button in the pop-up.


How to add email in label

If you have mails in Gmail then you have to add to email in label ,then for this I will also give you a simple step to add Gmail in label.

Following are the simple step for add email in label

·        First of all open your email that you want to add

·        Now after opening the mail, select it and drag and drop to go to that folder.

·        If the mail is left it will be saved by going to that folder.

Another step for move your mail into your label.

·        Open that email you want to move

·        Click on three dots in right side Corner of your screen

·        Then click on move option .

·        Click on that folder you want to move it will be moved in that folder.


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